THE PATH INTO THE FOREST (Der Weg in den Wald)
Here: NO TRAILER TRACK, 28 min., edited 2014/March 31 Length of the entire film: 86 min., copyright 1984 Shot in the forest of Merlin, Bretagne, France, in April 1984 First Transmission: "Debut im Dritten", SWF Baden-Baden 16-mm black & white negative film, Kodak, 125 and 400 ASA Camera Arriflex BL Cast: Michael Asam - student of electrical engineering Brigitte Berger - student of philosophy Produced in 1984 by Gottfried Junker with SWF (Susan Schulte) Camera: Gottfried Junker and Markus Mayer - student of architecture Set Manager: Werner Junker Music by Chris Heyne, Munich Martin Supper, Berlin Avid-Editor in 2014: Valentin Metz, BOA-Film, Munich Many thanks to my parents  Albert and Eva Junker
Michael Asam
Brigitte Berger
                              Michael Asam                         Markus Mayer                                                                                                                                                                  Werner Junker                                                  Brigitte Berger
Eva Mattes
                                                              Markus Mayer                           Werner Junker                     Brigitte Berger                              Michael Asam         
                                                              The Team
Editing-List by Anne Golde Arnold 1985 in the editing room
copyright: nada-film 2013 Impressum